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The winery Antiche Tenute Squarcialupi draws its origins from the past properties of the noble Squarcialupi family, which extended around the medieval borough of Castellina in Chianti.


Today, the Squarcialupi belongs to the Bojola-Targioni family who, with great passion, has given a new incentive to the property, introducing modern equipment and new techniques, respecting the Chianti wine-growing traditions.

30 of their 140 hectares are now specialized vineyards, registered at the Chianti Classico Board, and 10 hectares are olive-groves instead.


The head office of the winery is in “Palazzo Squarcialupi” (XV Century) in Castellina in Chianti village, where there are also the wine-ageing cellars and the direct-sales shop.


The farm is located in the South-West side of the valley, that from Castellina in Chianti goes down towards “La Ferrozzola” and “Il Monte”, two other historical estates owned by the family.

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