Biscottificio Belli was founded by Enzo Belli in 1958, who exploites the bakery knowledge he got from his grandparent Aristide, in order to start his own artisanal business.

The specialties he prepares are the ones that belong to the Tuscany bakery traditions:  Cantuccini cookies made with almonds and leavened cakes made using sourdough.

Biscottificio Belli has been always preparing our cantuccini cookies following a few, essential rules: using genuine and selective raw materials, being loyal to the authentic recipe, caring for the whole production process in order to ensure the final quality and taste of our cantuccini.

Biscottificio Belli's Cantuccini are also certificated as PGI almond Cantuccini Toscani.


Miele Sant’Agata is a primary manufacturing honey company founded in 2006 thanks to the founder Francesco Riccucci’s and his family’s passion for bees and nature.

Since 2012, Miele Sant’Agata has been strongly expanding its business, especially abroad, after winning the 1st place at the International Honey Award “R. Franci” in Montalcino.


Miele Sant’Agata has a private processing plant, and all its products are Organic certified. Miele Sant’Agata’s target is the Premium market and its compelling points are: Premium, Organic & Cold Processed products, Marketing & Commercial Support to Customers and Distributors, Flexibility, Advanced Knowledge of Foreign Markets and customs processes.


Via Aurelia Nord 76 int. 6

58100 Grosseto


Tel. +39 0564 415392

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