Fattoria La Pieve is proud of its production of white, red, rosé wines, all certified organic. Recently they have also started producing an organic wine without sulfites.

All the wines are certified Organic, Vegan and Doc Maremma Toscana.

Fattoria La Pieve is able to face any product request with serenity, and also has the strength to support the customer’s business even with targeted promotional and/or communication initiatives.

Essentia Naturae is their no sulfites wine, born to cover an important outstanding demand of the wine market in order to satisfy those who, due to intolerance or choice, prefer organic wines without sulfites.

​The exclusivity also comes from the "concept" of the product with an effective communication inspired by the delicacy and naturalness never achieved before.


Via Aurelia Nord 76 int. 6

58100 Grosseto


Tel. +39 0564 415392

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