Az. Agr. Giovani was founded in 1936.


Az. Agr. Giovani's activity is dedicated to the production of high quality Extra virgin olive oil, produced in their own oil mill, from olives grown in their 20 hectares (about 50 acres).


Thanks to the PGI Tuscan Certification, Az. Agr. Giovani can guarantee extra virgin olive oil’s origin and quality.


Excellent and important are the lines of infused oils, olives and olive creams, and also the production of Lemon-Oil and Orange-Oil, naturally obtained pressing oranges or lemons together with the olives, into the company’s mill.


Certified Origins Italia is a cooperative of Italian olive growers who joined together in the 1950s. Their mission is to preserve the heritage of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the cultivation of olives on small family farms in rural Italy.


Certified Origins Italia joined forces with an international group of food specialist and work together in communicating to the world our values. Inspired by our commitment to authenticity, Certified Origins Italia empowers consumers with innovative technology to trace the journey of each bottle back to the groves of its origin.



Ol.Ma was established in Maremma (Tuscany) in the early 70s as cooperative of Tuscan Olive Growers. The company had a simple structure which has expanded by making the possibility to create a cooperative known for its attention, respect for tradition and the culture of Tuscan Olive Oil. Nowadays Ol.Ma hosts over 1200 olive growing members and can fully satisfy the increasing needs of national and foreign markets.


The attention to the resources of the territory where Ol.Ma produces, together with the constant efforts to have a harmonious balance between tradition and technology, are the characteristics which have always represented the strength of this company.


At Il Boschetto Maremma Toscana: the wise man expertly conducts; the philanthropist lavishly provides excellent ingredients; the juggler skilfully mixes the ingredients and the miser spares nothing in passion or fantasy: the hungry ultimately enjoy the results!


Il Boschetto is a company which stands out from other companies, demonstrating to be ahead of its competitors and forward thinking: traditional methods must go hand in hand with investment in innovative technology and advanced production techniques.


Via Aurelia Nord 76 int. 6

58100 Grosseto


Tel. +39 0564 415392

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