Gastronomia Toscana history is linked with Tempestini’s family. Franco, Giovanni and Marcello opened in Prato (Tuscany) in 1985 the first laboratory. In 1993 the company moved to a factory in the industrial area of Prato, and after some years, the second generation entered the company to cover different managing roles.


Today, Gastronomia Toscana is a modern company with an attention to technology, innovation and the worldwide business always focused to the respect of people and environment.


The company has two industrial plants, one dedicated to the sauces and spreads and one dedicated to the ready meals with 50 employees about. 80% of the customers are retailers and 20% are wholesalers: sales come from Italy, Europe, USA and UAE.


Fontaneto produces both plain and filled fresh pasta, both in big packaging for Food Service and Deli Counter, and small packaging for Take Away in Retailers. The fillings are prepared into their internal kitchens, starting mainly from fresh raw materials.


Fontaneto sells in the most important West-Europe markets, thanks to specialized distributors, both to restaurants, delicatessen shops and supermarkets.


In Italy Fontaneto sells to retailer chains, also producing premium private label products (Conad Sapori e Dintorni, Carrefour Terre d’Italia, Penny Market Cuor di Terra).


I Pescatori di Orbetello are the heirs of a long tradition in fishery and fish processing.


I Pescatori di Orbetello guarantees the quality of all the lagoon products (both fresh fish and processed products), working respecting the principles of excellence, sustainability and traceability.


The fish preservation techniques and the traditional recipes are scrupulously guarded.


The smoking, the marinade and the salting are carried out through ancient techniques as well as the smoking with hot pepper or the “scavecciatura marinade” with vinegar, rosemary, pepper and garlic.


The products are handcrafted, paying attention to every phase, from processing to packaging, in order to maintain their own organoleptic characteristics.


Via Aurelia Nord 76 int. 6

58100 Grosseto


Tel. +39 0564 415392

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