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C&C is located in the heart of Casentino, Tuscany.


The company is run by two sisters, Carolina and Carlotta who, following their mother’s cooking passion, wanted to transform their search for taste and quality into a real project dedicated to jams and marmalades.

The company makes use of old cooking recipes, handed down from generation to generation.

Their commitment is to rediscover tradition and territoriality through a careful search for taste and quality. Their goal is to create genuine, natural and high quality products, respecting the environment and raw materials.


For the last 60 years the firm Eugenio Brezzi has specialized in the processing of truffles.


​Brezzi’s methods of processing are by tradition simple and genuine excluding the use of any kind of artificial colourings, anti fermenting agents or artificial flavouring so as not to interfere in any way with the genuineness of the truffles.


Brezzi is able to deliver fresh and preserved truffles to any part of the world.


For over 4 generations Fabbrica Sughi Toscana has handed down their Italian tradition and standards.


Nowadays, the passion for alchemy and improvement has enhanced the food range and the processing, continuously studying and researching technology in order to preserve the natural flavors, nutritive and alimentary values: a commitment to the consumers various needs.


Each carefully selected top-ingredient is transformed as less as possible, creating combinations presenting truly healthy and easily digestible results.


Goals: free-from;  no artificial help is allowed on the premises. No preservatives, no taste enhancers, no colorings, no cheap filling agents, no poor substitutes of the original ingredients.

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