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Boschetto di Montiano is a 765ha estate at the foothills of Montiano village, in the area bordering Uccellina National Park, in the heart of Maremma Toscana.


Thanks to the climate, and the pure environment, Boschetto di Montiano is able to produce both wonderful wines, and EVO oil, and Cinta Senese cured meat.


Cinta Senese is a particular kind of pork, which has been bred in Siena area since the Roman period. This pork is characterized by a stripe of light bristles around the chest, withers, shoulders and lower limbs; instead the remaining coat is black.


Following the Consortium’s rules, Cinta Senese pigs live wild eating corn, roots and tubers, together with cereals (produced by Boschetto di Montiano farm).


In the early 1950s, the Squassoni family started making cured meat and salami and selling them in the historical deli of Piazza Erbe, in Mantua. In the same years the family moved production to Montanara and, overtime, many other specialties were added to the traditional local products. In the early 80s Squassoni began to offer new oven cooked pork and beef specialties, always following the traditional family recipes.

Through the years, Squassoni obtained increasing recognition by Food specific publications, such as “Gambero Rosso” guide and the “Touring Club Italiano” magazine. The company has been recommended by Slow Food and also included in the “Atlante prodotti tipici dei parchi protetti”, an Atlas of typical food by the Ministry of Agriculture. Squassoni has been presented to several RAI TV productions dealing with the safeguarding of niche food and wine products.

Squassoni products are gluten and allergens free.

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