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Podere Montale was founded in July 2014, but finds its true beginning in the first harvest in 2015.


During these first years Podere Montale has taken a path aimed at geographical and social integration. The plan is to become a benchmark for the whole community of Seggiano village and Montecucco production area. Its goal is to enhance the territory through a logic of growth and mutual improvement.


The area where Podere Montale is located, is perfect to produce olive oil and wine being in a place that benefits the ventilation coming from the sea and at the same time the presence of a mountain of about 1800 meters behind it. During the summers the long and sunny days are mitigated by a strong nocturnal thermal excursion.


Such climatic conditions, the stony subsoil and the presence of ancient lava compounds give Podere Montale’s wines a particular freshness.

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