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Since 2002, Germani has handcrafted cheese that is now known abroad for representing the unique character of Italian flavors and the quality standards upheld by Germani’s vision.


Germani’s cheese quality lies in the capability to evolve along Lombardia’s traditional food culture. Germani boasts a high-quality selection of cheese that represents the greatest level of professionalism on a daily basis during the production phase, as well as a true passion for the art of cheese making.


Germani’s products - Caprino (with both cow’s and goat’s milk), Primo Sale, Robiola, Ricotta - are made fresh on its premises every day and are brought to customers’ tables to give them a taste of the company’s land, together with its attention to detail and innovative ideas.


Caseificio Sociale Manciano was established in 1961 thanks to few local farmers, and today has more than 250 sheep-milk and cow-milk producers, whose farms are located in Grosseto and Viterbo provinces.


Caseificio Sociale Manciano, using an ancient traditional production method, together with the use of modern equipment, produces pure sheep-milk and mixed-milk cheese and ricotta.


Caseificio Sociale Manciano's main product is fresh and mature Pecorino Toscano DOP, producing 37% of the total DOP Pecorino Toscano production.


Sardaformaggi was established in 1963, and today is a modern company and cutting-edge technologies.


​The manufacturing plant is located in Buddusò (OT, Sardinia), on Monte Acuto. In Incisa Valdarno (FI, Tuscany) instead, Sardaformaggi has its place of business of sale and packaging. This plant is equipped with cold storage combined with computerized packaging lines and shipping avant-garde.


As the production plant is at 700m asl, Sardaformaggi has been able to join the Association Caseus Montanus (awards for Mountain Cheese Olympics: Appenzell 2004, Verona 2005, Monza 2007).


Sardaformaggi has also been classified by the Gambero Rosso magazine as Best Cheese in 2012 getting 3 cloves with Galluradoro mature DOP Pecorino Sardo.

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